The pastoral and social work of Father Franz Windischhofer is funded from Austria and Germany by institutions and persons whom we thank gratefully for their interest and continuity and whom we mention as follows:

  • The Parish of Königswiesen with its Parson Hansjörg Wimmer, and specially the Group of ladies of the KFB.
  • The Parish of Steyregg, Mrs. Marianne Jungbauer and Mrs. Regina Brandstötter (sale of hancrafted goods).
  • The Parish of Ebensee with its Parson Alois Rockenschaub; especially we must  mention Mr. Paul Lüftinger, who since 1980 is responsible for the accounts of donations in Austria and who with great dedication administrates these monies.
  • The Parish of Molln with its Parson Master Kart Gruber, the ETMO group with Waltraud Steiner as president, and the group that collaborates with Mrs. Inge Niederleuthner.
  • The Parish of Bad Hall and Mrs. Veronica Mayer, President of the Committee “Misión”
  • Mrs. Dorotea Plank of Graz/Mariatrost with her group of collaborators and Father Peter Weberhofer of the Parish of Kroisbach/Graz.
  • The Parish „Maria vom Berge Karmel“/Vienna with Father Felix Schandl and with the great collaborator Dr. Alois Hadwiger and his folkloric group.
  • The Parish “Partnerschaft” Buchholz with the President of the Committee for Peru, Mr. Klaus Hettich and his collaborators.
  • The Parish of St. Andreas/Weinstadt with its Parson Michael Friedl and Mrs. Christl Ott.
  • Mrs. Erna Langer of Ebensee with her group “Un Solo Mundo”.
  • The group “Ayuda Directa Mundo 3”
    of Bad Ischl.
  • Fair Trade Mitterfelden/Germany and Mrs. Rosemarie Pscheidl (
  • The Department of Upper Austria with its mayor Dr. Josef Pühringer and the person responsible for Aid to Developing Countries, Dr. Stockinger
  • WEKEF and KMB of the Diocese of Upper Austria with the previous Bishop Monsignor Dr. Maximilian Aichern and current Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz.
  • ADVENIAT of Germany.
  • MIVA - Austria with its president Karl Kumpfmüller.
  • The Parish Geislingen/Germany.
  • Many persons of good will that for years have funded our work.
  • All our benefactors and friends.

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