The upper reaches of the Colca Valley, where the towns we have described in the previous pages are located, are surrounded by landscapes and natural elements of monumental beauty. To visit them, we recommend the following routes on foot or with public transportation.

    1. CALLALLI – SIBAYO: you can visit “Old Sibayo” near the Colca River with its pre-Hispanic stone buildings. In this ancient village you can appreciate the mixture of Collagua and Spanish architecture.
    2. CALLALLI – LLAPA YANAHUARA: Here you will find impressive landscapes and a very ancient small church which is still unknown for lack of documentation. On the way there, you will find pre-colonial round constructions called chulpas which were used for burials. Apparently, this place was a center for worship since ancient times. Every year there was a pilgrimage to a sacred rock (huaca) and the springs of water nearby. Here people paid cult and made offerings to the deity in pre-Hispanic times. The Franciscan friars built this church over the springs to “Christianize” the place ­an interesting example of “enculturation”. The church, patio, and other buildings have been declared Historical Monument and are registered with the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC).
    3. CALLALLI – MOLLEPUNKU: At 10 kilometers from the town of Callalli, caves within the volcanic rock walls preserve prehistoric samples of the presence of shepherds and hunters. Painted bas-reliefs depict camelids, men, and geometrical figures that have been classified as dating 7 500 years before present.
    4. CALLALLI – TISCO – COLCA RIVER: long route for lovers of natural landscapes and fishing. Tisco stands out with its beautiful colonial church and its thatched vicarage.
    5. CALLALLI – STONE CASTLES: at only 30 minutes’ walk from Callalli you can visit these impressive natural rock formations. From above you can enjoy a fine panoramic view of the towns of Callalli and Sibayo.

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