san antonio Considering the urgent need to reach all the small communities of the upper area of Caylloma, in October 1933 a civil association was created and is in charge of broadcasting from Callalli and Caylloma. The equipment was purchased with funds donated from Austria. Radio San Antonio de Padua functions on frequency F.M. 94.5 and also on Short Wave O.C. 3376; and Radio San Francisco de Asís in the town of Caylloma on F.M. 94.5.

One of Radio San Antonio’s main objectives is to carry God’s Word to all the villages within the Parishes of this area; but it also accomplishes the connection which allows villagers to receive information of news, culture, education, music and, most important, health. It is an important medium for the communication of people from the centers to distant homes.

Radio San Antonio was heard not only in Peru, but also in Bolivia, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, South Africa and other countries. Since 2006 it no longer broadcasts in Short Wave. Radio San Antonio de Padua is a member of the RED QUECHUA SATELITAL PERUANA together with 10 other radio stations of Peru. This network pertains to Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (CNR), in Lima, which works jointly with ALER of Ecuador and ERBOL of Bolivia. Within the near future, the town of Caylloma will have Short Wave and its radio station will transmit in the latter frequency together with its present F.M. 94.5.



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