Surface: 1 531,27 km2
Inhabitants: 1 415

Imata is a new village, created recently as a consequence of a railway station that was built on a site which lies on the Arequipa-Puno route. Many of the railway workers needed to move to this new village in order to be at their job on schedule.  In time, entire families settled around the train station. Imata is now the Capital of the distrito of San Antonio de Chuca (created November 14, 1944). The anexo with the same name, previously the Capital of the distrito, was a capilla (chapel and adjoining homes) in the highland which belonged to the Parish of Yanque.

IMATA offers an important tourist attraction, the Stone Forest.  Here the tourist can explore rock formations with fancy inspirational shapes which stretch over the landscape for several kilometers. Before coming to the village, one should visit the neighboring waterfalls of the Chili River. The sight of falling water is impressive in an environment where vegetation and water are extremely scarce.

Imata, the Capital of the distrito of San Antonio de Chuca, and is located at 4,500 meters above sea level and 80 kilometers from Callalli. The new Arequipa-Juliaca (Puno) highway reaches Imata at Kilometer 131. This is one of the coldest capitals of a Peruvian distrito: temperatures can drop to 25 degrees Celsius below zero.

Due to the comparatively recent formation of this town, as opposed to those previously discussed, Imata counts with a modern Parish where religious services and social projects take place periodically. The simple chapel is dedicated to the Patron Jesús Nazareno. Every 15 days, an important fair gathers the people of the surrounding areas. On that day, Holy Mass is celebrated. On Sundays, the Liturgy of the Word takes place and there are meetings of housewives and groups of children.

The new building of the boarding house, completed in August 2008, stands next to the vicarage. Two tutors are in charge of 34 young people and children who live here and who live around the neighborhood. This system has permitted an increase in the number of schoolchildren. In the large hall there is heated flooring and hot water in the showers thanks to a system of solar panels. The construction and the solar system were funded by the Regional Government of Linz/Austria and the Mayor of Linz.

First Sunday after Easter: Jesús NazarenoAugust 30: Santa Rosa de Lima
November 14: Anniversary of the town
December 2: Virgen de Guadalupe, Patron of the Student Center.

Bus service from Arequipa or bus line en route to Puno and/or Cusco (approximately 2 hours)






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