Surface: 286,03 km2
Inhabitants: 801

SIBAYO comes from the Aymara Word Shiwa that means a big empty space or corral, and Hayu which is the name of a marking stone, which are abundant in the town. SIBAYO is located at an altitude of 3 847 meters and 2.5 kilometers from Callalli. The old town of the Collaguas is located upriver: the remains of round houses in the form of igloos are still visible, as also of a building known as the “Cathedral”, which was the first chapel built by the Franciscan Friars upon their arrival. The town was founded as a reducción with the name Utrera de Sibayo. The Patron Saint of the parish is San Juan Bautista. San Pedro is also celebrated, and also Niño Jesús. An interesting fact is that this town has rights over an inlet on the coast of the Pacific Ocean which allows local people to harvest a kind of algae that are rich in iodine and have been a product of importance for barter. Colonial documents certify this right; hence the importance of San Pedro as Patron Saint. People have perished at sea during this work, and still now there are people who go to the coast to harvest the algae, especially during the month of August.
Among the attractions of the town are Mount Yanaso and the old part of town, whose buildings are entirely of stone and where the style of pre-Inca populations combined with colonial architecture can be appreciated.

The original construction dates back to around the year 1692: but, as occurs with most buildings of those times, the duration of the building and the changes in decoration extended to following centuries. The church’s portico is very characteristic and presents designs of different periods and changing architectural styles.
Within the townscape, the church stands out as a monument among the low houses that surround it. Upstream of the Colca River is the ancient town of the Collaguas called Paraqra, with the ruins of its first chapel, the “Cathedral”. A mummy is also found in its original place.

January 1; the Wititi is danced to the Niño Jesús
June 24: feast of San Juan Bautista
June 29: feast of San Pedro

Bus service from the city of Arequipa (4 hours approximately)
Public Transportation from Chivay (one hour)

The pastoral work is organized as follows: Liturgical celebrations: Sunday Mass at 11 a.m., on Wednesdays, evening Mass at 7 p.m. The principal festivals are: Feast of June 24, dedicated to San Juan Bautista, Patron of the town, June 29 San Pedro. The Danza del Turco is also danced and on the first of January the Wititi is danced to the Niño Jesús.
Work is done with the housewives, with prayer and reflection groups, gatherings of young people and of children.
In social work, fitotoldos (greenhouses) have been built and they are administered by the housewives, also guinea pig farms, hydroponics, work of maintenance of the typical local environment.
There is a Parochial Dining Hall for 12 needy aged persons; help is given to the sick and poor.





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